Longford Leader columnist Mattie Fox - Wexford hurlers have helped lift the hearts of the nation

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



Davy Fitzgerald

Wexford manager, Davy Fitzgerald

The GAA lived up to its reputation for showing the nicer sides of life when on Sunday the Limerick and Wexford teams served up mouthwatering displays.

The supporters for each team were alive and bubbling with sheer joy after their hard won victories, in two games that, even on TV left this watcher breathless.

It would do your heart good, literally, and put the proverbial spring in your step. The achievement of Davy Fitzgerald and his Wexford warriors was particularly heartwarming. Davy is a maverick, but a great thinker and proved his worth by persevering with his sweeper system, which, when properly executed, is very exciting. Wexford have become a superb side, and will take some beating.

This was the GAA at its best. Preserving the skills and beauty of the game, while lifting the hearts of the nation.

It even gave hope to those who strive to be the best.

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