Skoda Kamiq prepares to join SUV family

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The ŠKODA KAMIQ is set to wow SUV lovers as it enters the Irish motoring market at the beginning of November

ŠKODA has added a third model to its successful SUV portfolio for the European market — the ŠKODA KAMIQ — entering the rapidly growing city or small SUV segment for the first time.

The KAMIQ blends the typical advantages of this segment such as increased ground clearance and a raised seat position with the agility of a compact car and ŠKODA’s characteristic emotive design.

With state-of-the-art assistance and infotainment systems, a generous amount of space and numerous Simply Clever features, the new KAMIQ equally fulfils the needs of both family- and lifestyle-oriented customers in true ŠKODA style.

The new KAMIQ continues the successful SUV design language of the KODIAQ and KAROQ SUVs, whilst the split headlights, which feature daytime running lights above the main headlights, create new, distinctive visual highlights. At 4,241 mm long, the ŠKODA KAMIQ is considerably more compact than both of its bigger SUV siblings.

Combined with its raised seat position, this means it is perfectly equipped for the modern-day urban jungle.

In typical ŠKODA style, the KAMIQ also sets benchmarks in the city SUV segment in terms of space.

With the KAMIQ the car manufacturer is continuing its successful SUV campaign. The SUV is set to become a future pillar of the ŠKODA model range, harnessing further potential for growth.

Demand for SUVs is continuously increasing. Between 2017 to 2018 alone, demand for SUV models increased by 6.8 per cent. At present, more than one in three vehicles delivered worldwide is an SUV.

The booming city SUV segment even saw an increase of 13 per cent, with its main target group being sporty, lifestyle-oriented people, who place importance on comfort as well as modern individual mobility.

When choosing a car, they not only consider the practical aspects important but also how fun the vehicle is.

The KAMIQ introduces a dynamic, distinctive and emotionally charged design to a new vehicle segment and couples it with the adventurous flair of an SUV.

In addition to a raised seat position, it also offers higher ground clearance, a generous amount of space despite compact dimensions, a high level of functionality and fantastic connectivity.

It is exclusively available with front-wheel drive, is efficient, eco-friendly and provides excellent value for money.

The KAMIQ is one of the first models in the Volkswagen Group to feature the third generation of MIB infotainment units. There are three systems available. Active and Ambition models feature the 6.5 inch Swing system while Style versions receive the 8.0 inch Bolero unit.

Customers can also choose the 9.2 inch Amundsen that is always online thanks to a built-in LTE eSIM. The ŠKODA KAMIQ will be available to order in Irish showrooms from the November 1, 2019.