Still time for Longford motorists to get green cards

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News Reporter


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The Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) has advised all Longford motorists who are expecting to drive in Northern Ireland or the rest of the UK in the days immediately after Brexit, that they still have time to get their Green Cards.

Policyholders from Longford who may be impacted and have not already received a Green Card are encouraged to contact their insurance providers this week to ensure they receive their documentation before the updated Brexit date April 12.

The MIBI is also advising motorists around the country who will not need to drive in Northern Ireland or other parts of the UK instantly after Brexit to contact their insurance provider one month in advance of their journey.

Green Cards are internationally recognised insurance documents which provide proof of insurance cover to law enforcement agencies. It is a hard copy document which is printed on green paper or with a green background.

If there is a ‘no deal’ Brexit, then any motorist who plans on driving their Irish registered vehicle in Northern Ireland or the UK is advised to ensure they have a Green Card or they could possibly be subjected to the penalties for driving uninsured after that date.

Longford motor insurance policyholders who have not received any communication from their insurance provider on this matter and expect to need a Green Card immediately after Brexit, should contact their provider as soon as possible.

“We would encourage any motorist from Longford who needs one to contact their insurance provider this week,” said David Fitzgerald, Chief Executive of the MIBI.