McNally Motors Toyota in Longford to host RSA Check it Fits Service

Incorrectly fitted child car seats major cause for concern in Longford

Motoring Correspondent


Motoring Correspondent


RSA Check it Fits Service in Longford

The RSA Check it Fits Service will be at McNally Motors Toyota in Longford on Wednesday, August 9.

The RSA's Check it Fits Service will be at McNally Motors Toyota  in Longford on Wednesday, August 9 from 10am to 5.30pm.

Research from the Road Safety Authority’s ‘Check it Fits’ Service, which checks child car seats and restraints nationwide for free, has revealed that 4 out of 5 child car seats are incorrectly fitted nationwide.

On the service’s most recent visits to Longford in May 2016, 52 seats were checked; and more recently in February 2017, 74 seats were checked.

It’s the law that all children under 150cms or 36kgs must use a child car seat appropriate to their weight and height.

Since October 2013, the RSA’s ‘Check it Fits’ Service has checked over 21,000 child car seats and restraints in Ireland.

Worryingly, 79% of seats required a major adjustment, of which 3% were deemed not fit for purpose and condemned, meaning they could have caused injury or even death in the event of a collision.

To help address this problem, the RSA ‘Check it Fits’ service will be visiting Toyota McNally Motors in Longford, where child car seat installation experts will be available to ensure car seats and restraints are correctly fitted.

The service takes between 10-15 minutes, is free of charge and offers parents and guardians reassurance that their child is safe while travelling in the car.

If your child’s car seat or restraint is incorrectly fitted, the ‘Check it Fits’ experts will advise on how to fix the problem, demonstrate how to fit the restraint correctly and answer any queries participants might have to avoid potential serious or fatal injury in the event of a collision

 Aisling Leonard, Senior Road Safety Promotion Officer for the RSA commented: “Almost 2 out of 5 children killed are passengers and Garda reports into collisions indicate that 1 in 10 children were not wearing a seatbelt or using a child restraint in 2014. More recent statistics have shown an increase in child passenger fatalities on the road. The reality is that if a child’s car seat isn’t fitted correctly, it could lead to a serious or fatal injury in the event of a collision. Having a correctly fitted car seat is a simple measure parents, grandparents and guardians can take to ensure children are safe while travelling by car. I would encourage people to visit the ‘Check it Fits’ when it comes to Longford and give yourself the peace of mind that your children are travelling safely.”


Moyagh Murdock, CEO of the RSA, while speaking about the service said: “The RSA ‘Check it Fits’ service is there to provide professional, trustworthy advice to parents and guardians around child car seat safety. Parents all over the country are availing of this service to get practical advice and expert fitting of their car seats. We would advise all parents to ensure that when they buy a new car seat, that they get the seat fitted by an expert. We would also advise that parents to check the label on their car seat to make sure it’s appropriate for your child’s age, weight and height, to make sure your seat is firmly installed in the car, and to always ensure that your child’s harness is fitted snugly for every trip. Now that we are in the summer months you may need to tighten the harness as your children are wearing lighter clothes.”


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