New car registrations down 9% in Longford

Official statistics for the month of May

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News Reporter


171 New Car Registrations down 9% on 161

New car registrations are down in Longford.

In Longford there were 448 new car registrations for January 1 to May 31 this year, down 9.68% from 496 for the corresponding period last year, according to official statistics by The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI).

The month of May showed that, nationally, new car registrations were down -8% (5,991) compared to (6,449) in May 2016, while new cars registrations year to date are down -10% (89,791) on the same period last year (99,704). 

Longford accounts for just 0.5% share of the national total for new car registrations.

The 5 Top selling car brands year to date were: 1 Volkswagen, 2 Toyota, 3 Hyundai, 4 Ford, 5 Nissan

The 5 Top car model’s year to date were: 1 Hyundai Tucson, 2 Nissan Qashqai, 3 Skoda Octavia, 4 Volkswagen Golf, 5 Ford Focus

The Top selling car in the month of May: Volkswagen Polo

New passenger car registrations by county year to date (January-May 2017) in neighbouring counties:

1,049 down 4.38% from 1,097

394, down 9.63% from 436

882, down 1.25% from 1,008

1,309, down 14.05% from 1,523

In other areas, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) show a decrease of -19% (1,461) on May 2016 (1,819) and year to date are down -14% (15,098).

While Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HGV) are also showing a decline of -15% for the month of May (259) compared to the same month last year (306) and are down -9% (1,524) year to date.