Outrage as flower display vandalised overnight in Longford

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter



Picture- Longford sports & leisure centre

Picture- Longford sports & leisure centre

Workers at the Longford Sports & Leisure centre, Templemichael Glebe, Longford town, were greeted to an unpleasant surprise this morning, Friday July 5, as they arrived to open the premises only to find the flowers displayed to the front, had been vandalised.

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As seen in the main picture, some of the flowers were ripped from pots and discarded on the ground.

“Absolutely DISGUSTED to see this mindless vandalism when opening up this morning.” the team of Longford Sports & Leisure centre posted. 

“Lots of people spend hours on the upkeep and development of the mall, to give to the people of Longford, one of the best public parks in the country. 

“Then some people in the community think this use of their energy is appropriate. If you have time and energy please use it in an appropriate manner, and not to destroy other people’s good work.”