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When you’re trying to lose weight the holiday season can be a particularly challenging time. And that’s why the Longford Slimming World Consultants says their groups won’t be shutting up shop for the festive season.

“When members first join our Slimming World group, we both make a commitment,” says Siobhan Brier.

“They commit to thinking about what they want to achieve and make plans to get there, and we promise to do everything in our power to help them to reach their target. We let them know we will be there for them, and we mean it – all year round.”

Meanwhile, Ms Brier points out that at Slimming World leaders know that in the run up to Christmas, on the day itself and during the end of year period, it can be even harder than usual to make healthy choices and stay on track towards your weight-loss goals.

“Busy schedules can leave little time to prepare and cook healthy meals and make it hard to find the space to fit in your regular activity, and there are lots of parties and temptations around, too,” she smiles.

“ So we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we disappeared at the very time our members need us the most.

“At group we swap healthy recipe ideas, share strategies for tackling the inevitable challenges that Christmas and New Year can bring, celebrate everyone’s achievements – big and small – and help one another to get back on track if we do have any setbacks.

“By being there no matter what the season or what the weather we’re keeping our promise to help members achieve their dreams. We're confident that thanks to the support our members will be giving and receiving throughout December, they’ll all be reaching the New Year feeling brighter than ever.”

She also adds, “Don’t be afraid to beat the January rush as our doors are open every week- 52 weeks a year. New members are welcome right through December and during the Christmas period but days and times may change Christmas week and New Year week, so do contact your local consultant or log on to www.slimmingworld.ie to get more details.