Festive atmosphere in Aughnacliffe as Dolmen Centre celebrates 25 years

Aisling Kiernan


Aisling Kiernan



Dolmen Centre 25th anniversary

Mary Mulligan and Rose McKeon enjoying the 25th anniversary celebrations at the Dolmen Centre recently.

Colmcille’s Dolmen Centre celebrated its 25th anniversary last month and it brought everyone involved with the initiative together for one very special day indeed.

Over 100 people turned out to mark the occasion which began with Mass officiated by Bishop Colm O’Reilly and co-celebrated by Fr Seamus McKeon and Fr Corkery.

A presentation was also made to some of the original members of the Dolmen Centre including Sr Maeve Brady who has been there since the inception back in 1993.

Speaking to the Leader, Jackie Kennedy said the event was a wonderful occasion in which to mark the importance of the centre and one that brought everyone in the community together.

“There is a huge social aspect for the people that attend the various groups within the centre,” she added, before pointing out that it comprises the North Longford Men’s Club, Active Age and Day Care Services.

“People can share time with their peers and the centre brings them altogether; people have a connection to one another and if someone is sick or unable to attend, the support is there for them.”

Meanwhile, the Centre also provides transport so that people in the community are able to attend events, and Ms Kennedy points to the fact that this service is essential to the whole overall operation.
“The 25th anniversary celebrations proved a wonderful day,” she continued.

“People spoke about the importance of the Dolmen Centre and how it has enriched their lives; it was a most enjoyable day for everyone involved.”
The village of Colmcille is home to the Aughnacliffe and Cleenrath Dolmens, two of four portal tombs in Co Longford that date back to c3,800BC.

The dolmen in Aughnacliffe gives the townland its name ‘The Field of the Stones’ and it is from this historic backdrop that the Dolmen Centre gets it name!