Down memory Lane in Longford: Dev and Republican veterans

Story of the week from July 25th, 1975

David Clarke


David Clarke


Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane in Longford

James Dooner was born in Johnston Bridge in 1904.  

His late mother whose maiden name was Kathleen Bohan, was a native of  Drumlish. James Dooner recalls some early escapades while he was in Ireland with his father.

He remembers how he could smell the 'Troubles' coming on before 1916. Justice Owen M Bohan was a first cousin of Mr Dooner's. The judge returned to Ireland before 1916 and James remembers being at historic meetings in Burbages' pub in Drumlish with his father, Judge Bohan and the rebel priest Fr Tim Shanley.

They talked about American politics. “Those were exciting evenings. When they became stimulated with drink, the discussions continued through to the early hours of the morning”, James told us.

He recalls how Judge Bohan, a life-long friend of de Valera's used to stay in Knotts Hotel in Mohill.

The hotel is gone now and the good judge died some 12 years ago.

According to James Dooner, Judge Bohan was the first guest of Mr de Valera when he entered Aras an Uachtarain. 

“De Valera once told me so himself. He even showed me the bed where he slept.

He said Jackie Onasis also slept there and I asked him jokingly if they slept in the same bed. Of course I meant at different times, but I don't think Dev appreciated the joke”, recalls James.

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