Longford farmers concerned over latest CAP cuts proposals

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ICSA president Patrick Kent

ICSA president Patrick Kent has said comments by Commissioner Oettinger regarding the European Commission (EU) proposal to cut of 6% in CAP funding, would be extremely worrying for all farmers, especially for those in the low income sectors where EU supports are vital.

“ICSA understands that the Commissioner has outlined this to the presidents’ committee of the European Parliament this week, in advance of the publication of the Multi-Annual Financial Framework Seven year budget proposals in early May,” he added.

“While this figure is considerably lower than some of the figures that were doing the rounds, it is still unacceptable.”

Pillar 1

Mr Kent went on to say that it had also been suggested that the cut would be applied to Pillar 1 Payments.

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“It has been suggested that this cut will be applied solely to Pillar 1 payments which are direct income supports for farmers,” the ICSA president continued.

“ICSA is calling on the Government to outline how it proposes to make up the difference. Options could include national co-funding of Pillar 1 or a higher co-funding of Pillar 2.”

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