Longford District Court: Row breaks out in Edgeworthstow

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News Reporter



A number of women appeared at Longford District Court last week charged in connection with a dispute that arose in Edgeworthstown in December 2016.

Margaret Stokes, Lisnanagh, Edgeworthstown; Noreen Stokes, 2 Aburn Park, Edgeworthstown; Shannon Stokes, 2 Auburn Park, Edgeworthstown; Johanna Stokes, Lisnanagh, Edgeworthstown and Jane Ward, Lisnanagh, Edgeworthstown appeared before Judge Fiona Lydon charged with violent disorder at Main Street, Edgeworthstown on December 14, 2016.

Noreen Stokes was also further charged with production of an article capable of inflicting serious injury on the same date.

Outlining the evidence to the court, Inspector Padraig Jones said that on the date in question, gardaí were called to a fast food outlet in the mid-Longford town after an incident occurred at the premises.
The court heard that when gardaí arrived on the scene, they observed Noreen Stokes lying on the floor surrounded by blood.

“Other members of the Stokes family were there also and they alleged that they had been assaulted by members of the Stokes family,” continued Inspector Jones.

“Noreen Stokes went to a car, opened the boot and took out a walking stick; they all got involved then and an altercation subsequently took place.”

Meanwhile, Judge Lydon adjourned proceedings until June 15 next and remanded all defendants on continuing bail in the meantime.