Longford is safe town to live and work in

Aisling Kiernan


Aisling Kiernan



Jim Delaney

Longford Superintendent Jim Delaney

Longford is no more dangerous than any other town of its size, a policing meeting was told on Monday.  

Those urgings were ones which were rhymed out by a string of elected members at the last Co Longford Joint Policing Committee (JPC) meeting of 2017.

It followed a wide selection of recent figures provided by Longford based Supt Jim Delaney which showed crime levels across a plethora of headline areas remain low or at manageable levels.

Burglary detections, he said, were on target, four of six robberies reported had been solved with many successes having been enjoyed through the course of the year by the force’s Community Policing Division.
The only category which had recorded an increase of note (36 per cent) was in the area of assaults.

Supt Delaney pointed out however it was a statistic which, in addition to common assault cases, also included alleged incidents of threats to kill and harrassment.

Both of the latter required careful management and, which ultimately, had skewed some of the eventual figures, he said.
They were comments many of those present on Monday appeared keen to endorse.

“The message must go out that Longford is a safe place despite what people say,” remarked Cllr Seamus Butler.

“The facts speak for themselves. You hear of incidents but it’s (crime) not rampant.”
The committee’s chairperson, Cllr Gerry Warnock agreed, saying the statistics spoke volumes in terms of the work being done to enforce law and order locally.

And like Cllr Butler, he too suggested public attitude to crime had begun to eclipse what was actually happening on the ground.
“The perception of crime is a lot different to the reality which is borne out of the statistics.

“Obviously, we have isolated incidents, there’s no denying that.
“But Longford is certainly no worse (in terms of crime) than any other large urban centre in this country,” he said.

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