Mattie Fox: Mullinalaghta safely retain title

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox


Mullinalaghta came to Glennon Brothers Pearse Park as County Champions, and left a couple of hours later safely retaining their title.

Playing Abbeylara, Mullinalaghta dominated everything except the scoreboard. In the first half they missed at least six score able chances, and there were others too, maybe not quite as easy.

Abbey might have been better served going all out to win the game, instead of concentrating on rather cynical hits. Then they might even have succeeded, since their opposition weren’t taking all the scoring chances. Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

At half time, Abbey were only two points adrift, which represented a scoreline in complete contradiction of the run of play throughout the half.

From the throw in Mullinalaghta won possession and almost immediately landed their first score of the day. Two more points were to follow before Abbey scored their first; a free from the ever threatening Robbie Smyth.
The game was poor, maybe not helped by so many cards being issued.

In fairness however, Aiden Dowler sets out to be meticulously fair. I thought he was absolutely fair on this occasion too.
I think he was anxious to keep the lid on the game, to prevent it boiling over. The refs job is not an easy one.

The Gaelic Athletic Association continues on its downward spiral, and I’m not talking about the disparity between counties. That’s always been the case; I personally attended Kerry winning eight All Irelands in ten years, so nothing new in that.

But it’s changed. Changed utterly at local level. Sloppy, shoddy, poorly presented, almost as though nobody cared anymore.

The state of Pearse Park toilets etc., continues to be very disappointing. It should be quite possible to keep them clean, at least. We’re not asking for miracles.