Down Memory Lane: Carberry calls for Philo Kelly resignation

Story of the week from May 29, 1987

David Clarke


David Clarke



A major row erupted at the Estimates meeting of Longford UDC last week during which Tony Carberry called for the resignation of Cllr Philo Kelly describing her as “an out and out disgrace to the Council”.  

Christy Warnock had called for a discussion on the “serious allegations contained in the Longford Leader article last week which stated that the local government auditor had found expenses incurred on a foreign trip  by Cllr Carberry to be illegal and that County Manager Michael Killeen was personally responsible for the £1664.87 involved. The decision arose as a result of a complaint lodged by Cllr Philo Kelly.
“There is no way the County Manager should be liable for Cllr Carberry's trip”, said Cllr Warnock “we are talking about a pittance here”.

Cllr Carberry said it was sad that the entire membership of Longford UDC had to suffer “because Philo Kelly doesn't like Tony Carberry and I can assure you the feeling is very mutual”.
“When I went on that promotional trip I worked my heart out day after day trying to encourage people to come to Longford on their holidays”, said Cllr Carberry.

I have a hard neck and I can take criticism”, he said “but I wouldn't like to think that all the hard-working people with me would be made scapegoats of too”.