Councillors to serve on over 20 local committees

The first Annual meeting of the newly elected Longford County Council was held on Thursday. Front row:  Cllr. Peggy Nolan,  Leas Cathaoirleach, Cllr Seamus Butler, Cathaoirleach, Cllr Mark Casey, Tim Caffrey, CEO,  Cllr Mae Sexton, Cllr Pat OToole, (back row)  Cllr Paul Ross, Cllr Micheal Carrigy, Cllr John Duffy, Cllr Paraic Brady, Cllr John Browne, Cllr Gerald Farrell, Cllr Colm Murray, Cllr PJ Reilly, Frank Sheridan,
Longford County Council’s 18 newly elected county councillors will serve on over 20 different committees and representative bodies over the next five years.

Longford County Council’s 18 newly elected county councillors will serve on over 20 different committees and representative bodies over the next five years.

Details of the roles were announced at the first meeting of the local authority last Friday, an occasion which saw Cllrs Mark Casey and Seamus Butler assume the titles of Cathaoirleach and Leas Cathaoirleach respectively.

The following is a breakdown of the various appointments following that meeting:

Association of Irish Local Government: Luie McEntire (FF), Mark Casey (Ind) and Peggy Nolan (FG).

Local Authority Members Association: PJ Reilly (FF).

Lough Oughter, Gowna and River Erne Joint Drainage Committee: Luie McEntire (FF) and Martin Mulleady (FF).

Longford Pool Construction Ltd: John Browne (FG), Padraig Loughrey (FF) and Gerry Warnock (Ind).

Border Midland and Western Regional Assembly: Mick Cahill (FF), PJ Reilly (FF).

Local Community Development Committee (LCDC): Colm Murray (FG), Gerry Warnock (Ind) and shared role involving Mark Casey (Ind) and Seamus Butler (FF).

Chair of Housing and Social Policy, Planning and Building Control Policy Strategic Policy Committee: Gerry Warnock (Ind) and PJ Reilly (FF)-shared basis.

Chair of Transportation, Road Development and Maintenance and Road Safety Policy Strategic Policy Committee: Micheal Carrigy (FG) and John Duffy (FG)-shared basis.

Chair of Sanitary Services and Environmental Policies Strategic Policy Committee: Mae Sexton (Ind) and Mark Casey (Ind)-shared basis.

Chair of Economic Development, Urban and Rural Renewal, Cultural and Recreational Policies and Corporate Affairs Strategic Policy Committee: Seamus Butler (FF) and Padraig Loughrey (FF)-shared basis.

Longford Enterprise Development Committee: Gerald Farrell (FG), Gerry Warnock (Ind) and Seamus Butler (FF).

Longford Community Resources Ltd: Councillors told via a circular letter read out at the meeting, appointment of four members is “not required”.

Fianna Fail indicated it was willing to put forward Cllrs Martin Mulleady and PJ Reilly alongside Mae Sexton (Ind). Fine Gael, meanwhile, asked for clarification before submitting a nomination.

Irish Public Bodies Mutual Insurances Ltd: Luie McEntire (FF).

Rural Water Monitoring Committee: Paul Ross (FG), Seamus Butler (FF) and Pat O’Toole (FF).

Chair and members of Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee: Chair-Mae Sexton (Ind) and members Padraig Loughrey, Seamus Butler (both FF), Peggy Nolan, John Browne (both FG) and Gerry Warnock (Ind).

Education and Training Board: To be confirmed.

Audit Committee: Michael Connellan and Gerry Brady (both former councillors).

Sports Partnership Committee: John Browne (FG), Martin Mulleady (FF) and Mark Casey (Ind).

Shannon River Basin District Advisory Council: Mick Cahill (FF) and Pat O’Toole (FF).

North Western International River Basin District Advisory Council: Luie McEntire (FF) and John Duffy (FG).

HSE Regional Health Forum, Dublin Mid-Leinster: Paraic Brady (FG), PJ Reilly (FF) and Pat O’Toole (FF).

Co Longford Heritage Forum: Paraic Brady (FG), Seamus Butler (FF) and Padraig Loughrey (FF).

Midlands Energy Agency: Mick Cahill (FF).

Midland Region Drugs and Alcohol Task Force: Padraig Loughrey (FF).

Tender Committee: Mark Casey (Ind), Pat O’Toole (FF) and John Browne (FG).