Misuse of public funds should be an election issue

News reporter


News reporter



ERU Garda

Concerns have been aired over the funding which surrounds the operation of the Gardaí's Emergency Response Unit

At a time when acts of crime in this country have never been more violent or depraved, we learn that the Emergency Response Unit does not have the funding needed to do its job properly.

Yet the outgoing government, and several of its predecessors, have managed to find a quarter of a billion euros to give to the greyhound racing industry since 2002.

An industry which is responsible for overbreeding and killing dogs to the tune of 6,000 plus every year, and one which would have long since ceased to exist if it weren't for this funding from the exchequer.

I sincerely hope that hard-pressed lrish taxpayers will make both the misuse of public funds, and the abuse of animals, an election issue when candidates come looking for their votes in the coming weeks.