Longford Leader health: Digital eye strain or just getting older?

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There are many symptoms associated with digital eyestrain

Digital devices have become a necessary part of our daily lives in the past number of years, and they have made the world a smaller place, and an easier place to navigate with the wealth of information that they offer to us.

But it is not only the digital world that is changing, as our vision is changing with it.

When we’re young it is very easy to post on instagram or facebook, send a funny snapchat, all the while looking up and down at a movie on the TV, without ever having to worry about how hard our eyes are working.

As we get older, all of this becomes more difficult for the eyes to deal with.

But the more we use our devices, the more we find ourselves putting a strain on our eyes, and the more this can affect our daily lives, whether young or old.

Symptoms of digital eyestrain include:
Dry eyes
Blurred vision
Red or pink eyes
Burning sensations
Light sensitivity
Pain in the shoulders, neck and back

All of this can make our daily lives less comfortable.

The easiest way to relieve these symptoms is with simple rest, or following what we call the 20/20/20 rule.

For every 20 minutes we spend with computers or digital devices, we take a 20 second break to look into the distance, and then blink 20 times.

This small thing can make a big difference to the way that our eyes can handle the strain that we place on them.

However, if you have persistent symptoms of digital eyestrain like those above, it is important to have a full eye examination to find the cause of the symptoms and to help reduce them.