Hate crimes towards Aneta Safiak 'will not be tolerated' in Longford

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Hate crimes towards Aneta Safiak 'will not be tolerated' in Longford

Gardaí in Longford are taking the online and offline abuse of Aneta Safiak very seriously, according to Superintendent Jim Delaney, who has been made aware of the hate crimes being committed against the local mother, both on- and offline.

“We take all crime very seriously,” Supt Delaney told the Leader.

“We are engaging with Aneta and she has had a lot of support from the Community Policing Unit. Some of the matters she has reported are currently under investigation.”

Cllr Seamus Butler, who is chair of Longford’s Joint Policing Committee has labelled the ongoing abuse as “very serious” and “very worrying”.

“The gardaí in Longford are taking it very seriously,” Cllr Butler told the Longford Leader.

“Aneta met with Supt Jim Delaney last week and there have been extra patrols in the town. It’s disappointing that this should happen and these right-wing elements are a very small minority in Longford,” Cllr Butler continued.

“But to do something like that to such a lovely family, who have worked so hard since they came to Longford is unacceptable.

“It has happened because Aneta spoke out. If you speak out, you put your head above the parapet and there will always be a small minority who will attack on social media but the fact that people have attacked her home is very worrying.

“These people will often use young people to do their dirty work, like all cowards do. But they are such a small minority and I have every confidence that they’ll be identified and brought to justice, because there is no place for them in Longford.

“Aneta and her family have 100% of my support. Nobody deserves that - especially not these people. It will not be tolerated in Longford.”

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