Longford man who carried out 'Clint Eastwood' move on two victims handed suspended prison sentence

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



Longford Courthouse.

A man who conducted a 'Clint Eastwood type' manoeuvre when brandishing an imitation firearm at two young men has been handed a suspended prison sentence

A man who carried out a “Clint Eastwood type” manoeuvre by holding an imitation firearm to the heads of two young men has been handed a suspended prison sentence.


Marcin Baldyga, 6 Abhainn Glas, Edgeworthstown, Co Longford had been due to hand in an outstanding €500 balance for an offence at Townparks, Longford on January 26 2018.

Local solicitor Frank Gearty explained the incident had taken place along the Canal line in the county town and had left both victims in a considerable state of shock.

“He (accused) did a Clint Eastwood type thing and terrified the wits out of them.”

A woman, who had allegedly been the subject of an assault by the man, pleaded with Judge Seamus Hughes to stop short of issuing any form of custodial sentence.

“Can you not send him to prison now, please,” she asked in broken English.

Judge Hughes did not appear swayed in any way by those remarks and said the day of reckoning had come for Mr Baldyga.

“Listen, he has had since October 2018,” he said, adding that the accused had racked up no fewer than nine adjournments while on legal aid.

The court, meanwhile, also heard Mr Baldyga had been charged with failing to pay a taxi fare amounting to €244.80 after travelling from Dublin to Longford.

Despite an offer of compensation being made, Judge Hughes said he wanted the all monies due in their entireity.

On foot of those remarks, Judge Hughes sentenced Mr Baldyga to four months in prison for the imitation firearm charge, suspending the term for a period of three years.

A fine of €250 was issued for a separate Section 2 criminal damage charge on December 5 2018 alongside a similar €250 penalty for the taxi offence.

A €105 fine was also ordered, stemming from a threatening and abusive public order charge at 7 Abhainn Glas, Edgeworthstown, Co Longford also from December 2018.

Judge Hughes, meanwhile, refused jurisdiction on a Section 3 assault charge with the case put back until November 10 for DPP directions or a book of evidence.