Compensation of €16,000 for slash victim in Longford attack

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Compensation of €16,000 for slash victim  in Longford attack

Two juveniles charged with violent disorder have had their case adjourned for 12 months to see if they could keep the peace and come up with significant compensation for their victim, who received slash marks on his back during the attack.

The incident, which occurred at a Longford town garage last summer, saw the two juveniles and three other men attack a teenager. Both juveniles had weapons, one of which was a knife and the other an axe.

Both have spent a number of weeks in Oberstown Detention Centre for their crime but were released last Monday.

“I want to send out a clear message that there will be no tolerance for this behaviour,” said Judge Keenan Johnson at a sitting of Longford Circuit Court last week.

“This was part of an ongoing feud, which is reprehensible and intolerable and cannot be allowed to go unchecked.”

Both young people received glowing reports from the staff at Oberstown, submitted an early plea of guilt and showed genuine remorse for their actions, Judge Johnson noted.

Furthermore, he acknowledged that neither of the young people had prior convictions and both had a good work record and good family support.

Judge Johnson adjourned the case to the next sittings of Longford Circuit Court on October 13 for mention and to fix a date in 2021.

The young man who inflicted damage on the victim, using a knife, was ordered to come up with a total of €10,000 in compensation, €5,000 of which is to be made available on October 13.

The second juvenile, who swung an axe at the victim but did not make contact was ordered to pay €6,000 in total, €3,000 of which is to be paid on October 13.

“It is appalling to think someone would wield an axe in such a public place,” said Judge Johnson.