Longford Leader Editorial: Decisive leadership is vital for us all

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Longford Leader Editorial: Decisive leadership is vital for us all

While restrictions are still supposed to be fairly tight, a lot has changed.

There is a lot of evidence that people are taking unnecessary risks. By doing so they are putting their lives and the lives of others in danger.

This means we need clarity. It is time for our leaders to be clear and decisive again.

The following questions spring to mind:

* Who knows what is permitted anymore?
* Do cocooners know their movements remain restricted?
* Do business people know whether they can open or not?
* Who polices our restrictions and new roadmap out of lockdown?
* When will the second wave hit and will it be worse?

Arguably, there has been decisive political leadership through the pandemic. The decision to go into lockdown was necessary - the public were already on their way there when it happened. But there have been mistakes such as the handling of the Leaving and Junior Certs.

The drawing up of a roadmap to exit the paralysis of lockdown was an essential step forward.

However, implementing such a plan in unprecedented times is difficult. It is a complicated plan broken into five phases.

Most Irish people have shown they will follow the rules and call out others who are not. The Government must stand with this majority in leading us along this exit roadmap. 'Us' also means all who are working to manage the Covid-19 outbreak and restrictions. People like gardaí must be reassured that they can step in to police the roadmap and restrictions. They should not be victims of political doublespeak or even silence.

Right through this crisis people remained united in suppressing the virus. They have answered the call. This has been an invaluable tool for the decision makers and medics. Government must maintain the momentum through decisive leadership.