Granard nurse diagnosed with Covid-19 is eager to recover and get back on the frontline

Local nurse has expressed gratitude to those on the frontline

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Granard nurse diagnosed with Covid-19

A Granard nurse has spoken out about her Covid-19 diagnosis, and the work she has been doing as a HSE nurse.

Franchesca Kelly posted on her Facebook page last night that being tested positive for Covid-19 was "not easy" but, as a frontline nurse, she was high risk.

"I have looked after Covid-19 patients on a 13-hour shift; I have tried to save lives; I have looked after sick, innocent people trying to fight for their lives due to this horrible virus," she said.

"I couldn’t be prouder to be a nurse and helping all those sick poorly people try and get better."

Franchesca said that she's going very well, despite having the virus and said that she's looking forward to getting back to work, praising her colleagues for all of the work they're doing on the frontline.

"I cannot wait to get back to my work colleagues in MRH to help fight off this virus for us all to get back to our normal living life," she said.

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