Longford country music fans set for double treat as Covid-19 social distancing urgings gather pace

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



Nathan Carter

Country music star Nathan Carter

The continued calls for the public to maintain social distancing protocols has seen two Irish country music stars announce two live gigs on social media tomorrow evening.  

Nathan Carter and Johnny Brady have both announced plans to conduct live performances on Facebook on Friday to promote positivity and well being as the full force of the coronavirus outbreak takes hold.

Nathan Carter is set to be first up with a show which gets underway at 7pm and which is also being held in aid of local charities.

Johnny Brady, meanwhile, is holding his 'Push Back the Couch' performance at 9pm.

Both acts follow last night's revelation of how another 74 people tested positive yesterday for Covid-19 as the overall toll surged to 366, including two deaths.