Disturbance at the back of Longford courtroom

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Judge Seamus Hughes rose for five minutes at last week’s sitting of Longford District court to allow Sgt Paddy McGirl to sort out a security issue in the courtroom following a disturbance, which broke out at the back of the courtroom.

The disturbance, which occurred on Tuesday morning, November 12, broke out while another case was being heard by Judge Hughes.

“Sgt McGirl, are you satisfied with the level of security in this courthouse?” asked an irate Judge Hughes following the incident.

“No judge, and I have highlighted this matter a number of times,” Sgt McGirl responded.

“We have a very busy courtroom today and we have Circuit Court next door. There has just been a disturbance down the back of the court and Gda (Liam) Doherty has had to deal with it himself,” said Judge Hughes before asking if Superintendent Jim Delaney was on duty.

When Sgt McGirl responded in the affirmative, Judge Hughes asked that a request be sent to Supt Delaney for more security at District Court before rising for five minutes to allow Sgt McGirl to take action.