Right turn issue to Whiterock Road to be brought to TII

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Gerry Hagan

Cllr Gerry Hagan

A solid white line at the turn-off for Whiterock Road was the topic of much discussion at last week’s meeting of Longford MD.

Cllr Gerry Hagan raised the issue with Area Engineer Brian Faughnan, stating that the continuous white line is causing confusion with motorists.

“I noticed the other day that they have a continuous white line, now, down the middle of the road, which is to say that you can’t turn right there,” said Cllr Hagan.

“There needs to be something done there, like a right turn arrow in towards the Whiterock Lane. There’s an awful lot of people living in that lane and using that road. Can you please update me on the story regarding that right turn?”

Mr Faughnan replied that the council had been in touch with TII regarding the issue and said that an accident history is required but no accidents have been reported at that junction.

“TII said that one option is to go to the roundabout and come back up,” he said.

“That's a ludicrous suggestion. The locals that are living down that lane are going to have to go half a mile or a mile out of their way. That’s absolutely ridiculous,” Cllr Hagan interjected.

Cathaoirleach of Longford MD Cllr Seamus Butler suggested that the issue be put on the agenda for the next meeting with TII.