Yarn-bombing for positivity in Granard

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Yarn-bombing for positivity in Granard

Some of the beautiful yarn projects outside Granard Garda Station

World Mental Health Day had a special significance in the town of Granard this year as little and large fingers have been busy knitting and stitching to highlight the importance of caring for one’s mental health.

The project began as a collaborative project between the lovely ladies at St Christopher’s and their Art Tutor Jean Healy and the Knitter Natter Club based at Lus na Greine Family Resource Centre.

The knitters come together each Monday morning to share expertise, tips and tricks for knitting. As they nattered away, the topic of mental health was a recurrent theme and they decided to invite other knitters both young and old to support their Yarn Bombing Project 2019 including Women in Touch, people in their own homes and schools.

Eileen Finan Manager of the FRC said, “We are very proud of both St Christopher’s and our community and how they have come together to highlight a very pivotal and vital issue to our wellbeing with this innovative approach.”

The colour on the streets backed by creative art messages has initiated a great talking point for everyone.

Eileen went on to say this is only the first year and they intend to build on their knits bit by bit so that the whole town is wrapped in a blaze of colour shouting out the power of a well knitted community for a couple of weeks every year.

She complimented the groups, schools, organisations, clubs, and the business people who have enthusiastically supported the initiative. She said Granard has so much to be proud of as an “open, friendly and forward thinking population”.

The artistic messages in shop windows encourage people to take time to talk and listen to each other, to realise that no problem is insurmountable and that it is ok not to be ok and to seek help.

The students at Árdscoil Phádraig chose a theme ‘Knitting our Community Together through Creative Stitching for Positive Thinking’ for their woven yarn sculpture under the guidance of their Art Teacher Mary Cooney, while the Girls Club at the FRC choose the theme ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’.

Lus na Gréine has a busy counselling service and provides art therapy, holistic therapy and stress management and family support by appointment.

They can be contacted at 043 6660977 or by email at lusnagreinefrc@gmail.com.

The FRC welcomes others to come on board for their 2020 yarn-bombing project and urge people everywhere to get involved.

Well done to all.