Wellbeing and sustainable living event comes to Longford this weekend

County Longford PPN to launch community education and engagement project at two day event

Longford Leader reporter


Longford Leader reporter



Wellbeing and sustainable living event comes to Longford this weekend

County Longford PPN to launch community education and engagement project at two day event in Longford town's Temperance Hall

TRANSITION’s Wellbeing and Sustainable Living Weekend is being held in The Temperance Hall from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, September 21 and on Sunday, September 22 from 12 noon to 5pm.

The event focuses on providing a space for individuals and communities to come together in conversation and learning in relation to all things ethical, sustainable and regenerative. 

Over the course of the ‘TRANSITION’ weekend there will be speakers, workshops, demos and information stands providing knowledge and advice on everything from the climate crisis to growing your own food, beekeeping, sustainable clothing, upcycling, natural health and personal care products, vegan education and animal rights, ethical and sustainable business models and all manner of associated topics.

Anna D Atkinson, founder of TRANSITION said because of her work as the Sustainable Development Goal Advocate for County Longford she was inspired to organise the event.

She said, “Transition at its core is about communities creating change, sharing knowledge and skills and developing a plan for a new way of living where every voice matters, every person is respected, and no one is left behind.

“It's about community voices, resilience and regeneration. It’s about working together with heads, hearts and hands. It's about being the change you want to see in the world.”

This also echoes the Community Wellbeing Visions that were developed by PPN Community groups around the county.
For this reason County Longford PPN in conjunction with Anna will launch a community education and engagement project at the two day event.

Siobhán Cronogue, PPN Development Office said, “This 17 month project will focus on the development of sustainable communities, businesses and culture at grassroots level in County Longford, via the aims and objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Niamh Donlon, President of the Chamber of Commerce said, “Longford Chamber are delighted to support this event as it creates an opportunity for individuals and communities to be inspired to develop a project or business or even just to create small changes in their households that will enhance their wellbeing and add to sustainable living.”

Michael Nevin, Head of the Local Enterprise Office who are also supporting the event applauded Anna for the diversity of the programme.

He said, “There really is something for everyone from arts and crafts to developing your own sustainable farm and business. Change brings challenges but it also brings development and progress which can be very rewarding and beneficial to those who are willing to embrace it.”

If you are interested in any of the talks, demos or workshops please drop by over the two days, there is no need to register.
You can also keep up to date by following the TRANSITION Facebook page @transitionlongford

If you have any questions or you would like to participate in any way please email Anna D Atkinson at transitionlongford@gmail.com 


Saturday, September 21
10- 11am Room 1: Creating Healthy Living Spaces and Shop Your Home with Diana Phelan. www.propertystagingireland.ie  

10 - 11am Room 2: An Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness with Shea of Aontacht/Longford Yogawww.aontacht.com

11.30 -12.30pm Room 1: Plant Based Health & Harmony with Kate of Juice It Longford. @JuiceItLongford

11.30 – 11.45 Room 2: Launch of PPN Global Goals Community Education & Engagement Project by Síobhan Crannóg PPN.

11.45 – 12.45 pm Room 2: Introduction to ‘Storytelling for Change’workshop with Global Goals Advocate and Ethical Living Coach Anna D Atkinson. www.thecreatorsgarden.ie 

1 -2pm Room 1: It’s time to rethink HEMP ! Growing Hemp as a sustainable Business. Talk with Ariane of The Weed Solution www.theweedsolution.ie

1 -2pm Room 2: What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals ? Workshop with  Drogheda based NGO Development  Perspectives www.developmentperspectives.ie

1 -2pm Room 3: Make Ireland a tap water refilling country once again: Patricia from Refill Ireland & Irelands National TAP MAP  www.refill.ie 

2.30- 3.30pm Room 1: How to create and manage a Zero Waste Home: Hints and tips from  Mol of ‘Bare Necessities’.  www.confessionsofaparttimehippy.wordpress.com

2.30 – 3.30pm Room 2: Introduction to Permaculture and Interactive discussion by Hannah Mole of Earth Care  www.earthcare.ie

2.30- 3.30pm Room 3: Longford Climate Adaptation Plan & County Council Environmental Plans & Projects – Gary Brady  http://www.longfordcoco.ie/Services/Environment/

4-5pm Room 1:  Making Longford a Transition Town: Are you a Change Maker ? Would you like to join a Transition Longford Working Group ?  Mícheál Callaghan, co-ordinator of  Transition Towns Ireland & Northern Ireland www.transitionnetwork.org 

4-5pm Room 2: The True Impact The impacts of domestic violence, homicide and a flawed Irish Justice System. Maria Dempsey, Mother, feminist and social/criminal justice activist. www.womensaid.ie 

4-5pm Room 3: Save Irelands Trees & the 5G Debate. What we can do together !  Sharon Conlon & Kris Zurek of Stop 5G Connaught and Leinster discuss the 5G/wireless impact on human health and the environment www.treepreservationireland.wordpress.com

Sunday, September 22
12-12.45pm Room 1: Cork Crafts Keeping Traditional Trades alive & Screening of ‘Cork Forest in a Bottle’ www.corkcrafts.ie

12 -12.45pm Room 2: Giving Back To Your Community: Shea of Aontacht/Longford Yoga, will share his journey to establishing an ethical business bringing Yoga and Mindfulness to Longford. www.aontacht.com

12-12.45pm Room 3: De stress, Unwind and Feel Better: Managing stress in a busy world: Discussion on the health implications of long term stress while offering advice and techniques on stress management. https://charlottesclinicroom.com

1-2pm Room 1: Creating a No-Dig, low maintenance yet highly productive garden. Taught by gardening guru Martin of  ‘Gardens for Life’ www.gardensforlife.ie

1-2pm Room 2: Learn the benefits of making your own natural beauty products: with Rachel Lattibadare of Natural Health Company ‘Back to Basics’. www.back2basics.store

1-2pm Room 3: Six simple way to use essential oils – workshop with Kristina Slaidina of Essential Quality Oils @Essentialqualityoils Lk

2.30-3.30pm Room 1: An introduction to the work of GEN – Global Ecovillage Network with John Paul Patten of Enriched Earth. John Paul will also give a GEN workshop at 4pm in the main hall.  www.enrichedearth.org 

2.30-5.30 Room 2: Mud Bugs – Nature Based workshop for children: 3 x 1 hour workshops. Make clay bugs, bird feeders and bug hotels with Jessica of Mud Bugs. This is for the little people aged 3 – 12 www.mudbugs.ie 

2.30-3.30pm Room 3: Social Farming and Developing your own sustainable farm and Business. Inspiration from Kate of An Ghrian Glas Farm in Wesmeath. https://www.anghrianglasfarm.com

4-5pm Room 1: Following an Alternative Path: Inspiration and advice for Musicians and Artists: Bianca Fachel, inspirational musician, and songwriter on achieving your dreams. www.biancafachel.com 

4-5pm Room 3: Learn more about Animal Rights in Ireland and abroad. Laura Broxan of NARA - National Animal Rights Association, will deliver an educational and enlightening talk on the work and campaigns of NARA on behalf of animals in Ireland and abroad. www.naracampaigns.org

The Community Voices Corner
Our Community Voices Corner will take place in the main hall on Sunday, September 22 from 12pm – 4.30pm. If you have an idea for Longford, some words of wisdom or inspiration, a skill you would like to share or an ethical/ sustainable or regenerative living project you would like to talk about, please use this platform as an opportunity to speak about it. Share your knowledge with us ! 
Included on the list of speakers is Eliza from Fridays For Future Longford, John from Bend in the Barrow and  John Paul Patten of Global Eco Village Network 
If you are interested in booking a slot ahead of time, email Anna at transitionlongford@gmail.com otherwise  just add your name to the list on the day.  Have your voice and ideas heard !

The Ethical Market
Our Ethical Market takes place in the main hall on Sunday, September 22 from 12 – 5pm.  Stalls will include a variety of local and national businesses and organisations including Golden Health Store, Sona Aromas Candles, Bend in the Barrow oils & palm free soaps, Back to Basics natural cosmetics, Young Living Essential Oils, Date Almonds Healthy Treats, Chocolaty Claire, Vera Miklas Freeze Dried Fruits, Mihus Vegan Cheese, Malik Amir Art,  Knots & Nails Upcyled Furniture, Roscommon Womens Network Upcycling Project, Plant A Ring, NARA – Animal Rights Association, Gardens for Life, Shea from Aontacht, among others.  
If you would like to book a stall for the market email Anna at transitionlongford@gmail.com

Transition Longford
Transition is at its core about communities creating change, sharing knowledge and skills and developing a plan for a new way of being in the world, a world where every voice matters, every person is respected and no one is left behind. It’s about working together with heads, hearts and hands, creating the change you want to see in the world !
If you are interested in joining the  Transition Longford group please email Anna at transitionlongford@gmail.com