Templemichael college students record 'exceptional' results in Leaving Certificate

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Kevin Forde



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The many Leaving certificate students of Templemichael college, Longford who received their final examination results on Tuesday, August 13, have been praised for their ‘exceptional’ results in their recent examinations.

Principal of Templemichael college, Sorcha Nic Dhonnacha, told the Leader they were delighted with the results, with a general feeling of content among everyone.

“They did very well. We were really delighted with their results,” she said ahead of the CAO offers last week.

“They all did exceptionally well. They all really knew where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do, so they are all looking forward to receiving their offers tomorrow. They are all very, very happy.”

Ms Nic Dhonnacha praised the guidance service in place at the school, which ensured each and every student was well versed in the educational opportunities available and best suited to them.

She explained: “We have a very good guidance service here.

“So it is a case that they all got an opportunity to look at different career options in line with their likes and dislikes, so they all know where they want to go.

“So it was a good day all around.”

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The principal of Templemichael college confirmed to the Leader that they had an abundance of H1 grades across many different subjects, with language students performing particularly well.

“In a couple of different subjects we had quite a few H1s,” Ms Nic Dhonnacha remarked, before adding: “The languages did very well in general and our Spanish students performed really well.

“Overall, they all did extremely well. I would just like to congratulate everyone. Onwards and upwards.”
For Ms Nic Dhonnacha, the work ahead of the new schooling year starts now, though not before she aids any students who may have some of their results to check, with the deadline to apply for rechecks set at last Friday, August 16.

“We are back then next week,” she confirmed.
Before her recently graduated Leaving Certificate students embark on their own individual educational journeys elsewhere, their former principal had some words of advice ahead of their transition.

She said: “I am a firm believer that you get out of life what you put into it.”

Before urging students to: “Believe in yourselves and if you have a dream, follow it.”

Continuing she added: “Don’t copy anyone else, because you only have one shot at life. Be authentic, be yourself... You have to be happy with where you're at.

“Follow your dreams, do what you like. I think if you do something you like, you won’t work a day in your life,” she concluded.

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