Longford man with over 70 previous convictions hit with seven year driving ban

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



Longford Courthouse.

Longford Courthouse

A Longford man with 74 previous convictions, two of which were for no insurance and who was caught at the wheel for a third successive time without driving cover in place has been put off the road for seven years.

Judge John Cheetle handed Joseph McDonagh, 36 McEoin Park, Farnagh, Longford, with the driving disqualification after pleading guilty to an offence at Dublin Road, Longford on August 6 2018.

Mr McDonagh, the court heard, was already serving a sentence for a similar type offence in Athlone and had been handed a seven month prison term by Judge Seamus Hughes back in April.

That also brought with it a seven year driving disqualification.

Sgt Mark Mahon said gardaí stopped the accused driving a 02 registered car along Longford’s main Dublin Road at 3:30pm in the afternoon.

A lawful demand was made for Mr McDonagh’s driving licence and insurance, but he subsequently failed to produce any of the required documentation within 10 days.

There was no valid NCT disk on the car either, it was revealed.

It was at that juncture, the court heard Mr McDonagh had racked up 74 prior convictions, six of which included offences related to no insurance.

However, defence solicitor John Quinn said a number actually predated the offence his client was now before the courts charged on.

Mr Quinn said Mr McDonagh was hoping to “clean up his act” in view of the fact he is a married man with two children.

“He (Mr McDonagh) will endeavour to stay away from trouble and he knows he has a long period of disqualification in place,” he said.

Judge Cheetle said while he was not intent on adding to Mr McDonagh’s custodial sentence.

As such, he sentenced Mr McDonagh to six months in prison, backdating the term to April 17 when he first went into custody.

He also disqualified him for driving for seven years.

A litany of other charges, including failing to produce an NCT disk, driving licence, insurance, having no licence and the non display of tax were all taken into consideration.