People of Longford to rally for diversity this Saturday

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People of Longford to rally for diversity this Saturday

People of Longford are set to unite and rally for diversity, in light of recent comments made about multiculturalism in the county.

The pro-Longford and diversity rally has been organised by a group of concerned locals in light of the publicity caused by comments made about Longford. The event will be run in solidarity with all communities in Longford town.

The rally will commence on Market Square in Longford town from 2pm on Saturday, June 8. Organisers are stressing that the event is NOT a protest, but a solidarity rally.

Organiser Tena Keown explained, ““We are encouraging everyone to get to know their neighbours, say hello or whatever. This gathering on Saturday is to get people together to meet each other and maybe make some new friends.

“This is basically a meet and greet for ALL Longfordians regardless of their country of origin.”

Everyone is encouraged to attend to show their solidarity against racism and the comments made about Longford. Organisers are, however, stressing that this will not be a protest, but a solidarity rally.

She concluded, “We want this to be a happy,safe family get-together while at the same time saying Longford Says No To Racism.”

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