Burglary gang arrested in Galway believed to be behind string of Longford break-ins

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



A burglary gang believed to be the orchestrators behind a series of house break-ins across north Longford have been arrested following a garda operation in Galway.

The suspects which senior detectives are linking to reported burglaries in the Granard Garda District were detained for questioning last week, it has emerged.

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Superintendent Brian Mohan made the revelation at this week’s meeting of Longford County Council’s Joint Policing Committee (JPC) as he touched on the sudden upsurge over the past three month period.

“The apprehension of the people in Galway last week hopefully will see an end or at least a reduction in that type of activity as we believe it was the same people who were involved in all the ones that were happening on the edge of the N4,” he said.

They were comments which were tempered somewhat by confirmation that both Edgeworthstown and Granard Garda Stations had been bolstered by a combined total of five additional gardaí.

Supt Mohan said in spite of the additional resources and likely increased garda visibility in both locations, it was imperative homeowners and more pointedly retailers made every effort to secure their properties.

“Our thefts are down, thefts from shop appear to be the biggest drivers and I would ask the business community to try and prevent thefts rather than let them occur,” he asked.

“It’s a huge drain on garda resources to investigate even a small theft. I would ask shopkeepers to not have high value goods at the front entrances of shops and be aware of people coming into their shops.”

Longford Superintendent Jim Delaney followed suit by insisting the onus was on businesses to reach out and work in tandem with law enforcement officials in a bid to stamp out incidents of shoplifting.

“We are putting in the visibility and resources but it is up to people to secure their property, take advantage of any advice the Crime Prevention Officer gives to make it that bit more difficult for people involved in that type of crime,” he said.

As someone who, by her own admission, has spent much of their working life in the retail industry, Cllr Peggy Nolan said shop owners shouldn’t be put off from reporting thefts, however small or trivial they may seem.

“The message has to go out that no crime is petty and that if you do the crime you will do the time,” she said.