Potential Farmer's Market planned for Longford's Camlin Quarter

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Potential Farmer's Market planned for Longford's Camlin Quarter

A Farmer's Market could be in store for Longford

Longford could have its very own Farmer's Market at Connolly Barracks if the recently released Integrated Action Plan for Connolly Barracks and the Northern Quarter is anything to go by.

Back in the day, the Camlin Quarter was the main market area of Longford town and the oldest surviving building within the town, the Buttermarket, is located within the Connolly Barracks complex.

Sadly, this activity disappeared over the years but, with such a large variety of excellent craft producers eager to showcase and sell their wares, there's huge potential for a Farmer's Market in the town.

And it is fitting that this facility would be nestled within the Camlin Quarter, the original commercial core and market area of the town.

What's more, a new farmer's market would also begin to define a new purpose for this area of the town.

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