Mr Price to create 200 jobs at new warehouse in Athlone

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter

Mr Price

Mr Price has 42 stores nationwide

 The Mr. Price chain, which has 42 stores around the country including a store in Longford, is to create 200 jobs in Athlone with the opening of a central warehousing base in the town.

 “This is fantastic news for Athlone and it highlights again our strategic location in the heart of the country halfway between Dublin and Galway, straddling two provinces, two Regional Authorities and is the meeting point for rail, river, gas and road," Senator Gabrielle McFadden told the Leader. 

“It represents 200 additional families in the Midlands where someone is getting up to go out to work; where someone is bringing home a pay check on a Friday.  These are not just statistics – they are real people, our neighbours and our friends.”

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