16 Aug 2022

13 reasons why life is worth the fight - truly inspirational words from Longford's Dr Laura Noonan

Happy Friday 13th...13 reasons why life is worth the fight - truly inspirational words from Longford's Dr Laura Noonan

Dr Laura Noonan

Friday the 13th can mean many things to many people, but these inspirational words posted by Longford's Dr Laura Noonan on her 'Laura's Russian Lifeline' Facebook page should resonate with us all and make us appreciate what we have.

13 reasons why .... to be Grateful on Friday 13th April

1. Spring 
As I type this (one handed - having an issue with my left hand currently) warm Spring sunshine invades my room like an unusual intruder. I haven't seen sun in so long or really felt fresh air on my skin that it seems like an intruder into my life. But a welcome one into my usually dark hospital room. Cobwebs and streaks I never noticed before appear obvious to me now on the 2 small windows into my room. I have to wonder how I didn't notice them until now considering how long I have spent in this bed staring out the window wishing time away. I started this journey in January in the depths of Winter when it was dark most of the day, certainly it was dark all day in Moscow. How time has sped past while me, an inactive participant in life, lay in various hospital beds.

2. Ice-cream 
Those of you who know me well will know that there was one food I hated above all others - ICECREAM. Most people probably didn't know or would’t believe that. However, ice-cream is now my best friend and one of my vehicles to get out of here and home. A minimum of 3 small pots a day aid me (almost) reach a calorie target that is otherwise was outside my reality of ever reaching. I still don't make it but compared to my time in Moscow Im doing pretty good.

3. Moscow, Russia
For taking on me, a complex patient carrying huge risk which could have damage their international reputation as a centre if excellence and disrupt their data if it all went wrong. I wont say it has been easy and there haven't been close shaves but Thank you Russia. My memories are hazy, many days I don't even remember but Moscow gave me a chance at life, with my family, that my homeland wouldn't offer.

4. Nighttime 
I’m trying to ease my body back into realising there is a day and a night and at night we usually sleep (unless we a shift workers, owls, vampires etc..) I think it may be starting to get the hang of the concept but I wont get too excited yet. I hope I have the rest of my life to teach this body of mine how to conform to the norm… then again maybe I should just let it continue to do it’s own thing.

5. The North Star
No matter where I am in the world the north star is a constant. It is always there , every night, without fail. Some nights one just has to look a little harder for it. It may be behind clouds, just out of one’s line of vision but one guarantee is - it is always there to share no matter where in the world you find yourself. I consider it to be almost like my anchor now and can easily calm myself even on spotting her glistening faithfully down on me knowing Im not the only one to look to her for guidance.

6. Modern medicine
This one is easy, for keeping me alive so long and giving me a chance to live, love and laugh through many more years I hope. I complain about the poking and prodding ,the side effects, ill effects, hair loss, weight loss/weight gain but the reality is without modern medicine I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't be me and I wouldn’t be the mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend etc that I am.

7. Old Friends 
You are the best friends. Some of you arrived back in my life before you even knew how much I needed you, some never left my side, others came to the call last year when my illness became public knowledge Either way old friends that I still have the pleasure of calling friends are like diamonds, only created under pressure but glisten brighter than anything else.

8. New Friends
For those of you who I have only gotten to know recently and navigated the long road to and from Moscow and Dublin to Longford (Im not sure which road feels longer at times) you are my people. You got me where I am today, just please don’t disappear. I’m afraid I might get lost again.

9. Family 
Blood is family - or so they say. Family is family. Those who are there for each other beyond all else - they are my family. By blood, water or wifi you are my family and those who walked beside me in these hardest days will never be forgotten. If i can ever return the compliment I will. My husband Archie and my mother have given the ultimate sacrifice for me - their own lives for mine in whatever way I needed to be there for me as I needed. To be my punch bag on bad days and blank canvas to paint my hopes and dreams with on good ones. To take the punches with the kisses and not bat an eye lid at my changing personalities as unpredictable as an April day. To you both I say, stand up, take a standing ovation and a moment in the lime light and I will step to the shadows while you do.

10. Laura’s Russian Lifelife 
Who can ignore the steam train that is Laura’s Russian Lifeline. From the day my husband accidentally published it a few days before he planned you have been the driving force that got me to Moscow and back to Dublin. And hopefully very soon back to Longford. From bake sales to charity walks,runs,cycles, from communities getting together to communities battling against one another, each like, share, comment and follow has been part of the independent life taken on by one small Facebook page started one evening last September.
Every single donation large or small went directly to the fund. Each event created and ran cost hours in time, energy, hall rentals, premises rentals etc was and still is hugely valued.

11. Faith
True to say most will scrunch up their eyes and noses and say faith? Laura saying faith? From we went through our toughest days loosing my dad etc it has been hard for me to have that great faith in God that I had been brought up with. That blind Faith that there is a greater being who loves us all equally and doesn’t place on any person more than they can bare. True my faith has been shaken over the years but I think it’s time I find something to believe in again. To pray to and give thanks to and ask for help of. The photo below I think is a little clue as to the direction I will try to take. Thank you to ta wonderful friend, one of those old friends I talked about who arranged this for me, a lost sheep wandering about inner city Dublin in a hospital gown with an IV pole in my bare feet.

12. The Future
I now think I see one. I can’t paint it so clearly yet but somewhere past the north star I see a future I might now get to enjoy with all the aforementioned people. I know I will do my future justice once I am given the opportunity to face it head on, healthy and strong. I am acutely aware of the warriors we have lost along this road and who didn't have the opportunity I had to fight, to travel to Moscow, to seek the expertise of those in other countries but I have had that opportunity and in behalf of all those who couldn't I promise to try to honour their memories in how I live.

13. Freya
Freya Lilly, the force to be reckoned with, the 5 year old, who has lost 2 teeth in 2 weeks, needs no further words to explain her position here as there are none to do her justice. Freya, I love you to the moon and back baby girl.Just because Im not there doesn’t mean your not always with me. You are the only one to have ever heard my heart beat from the inside - don't forget that. 
You are part of me and I will carry you with me wherever I go.

Happy Friday 13th everyone. I have decided to embrace Friday 13th as a day of positivity.

I had a really bad start to the day today. I literally couldn’t get out of bed for most of the day and I still feel sorry for the poor guy who suggested me sitting out while he was “thinking about making my bed....” my mother almost fell off the chair laughing and explained I was feeling unwell today. But from that to an entire 13 reasons why of a different sort..... (anyone with under 20s in the house will get this reference)
13 reasons why life is worth the fight 
13 reasons why we should make each day count 
13 reasons why we should never give up ....

Laura xxx

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