Spectacular Orionid meteor shower could be visible from Longford tonight

Up to 20 shooting stars could be seen per hour

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Spectacular Orionid meteor shower could be visible from Longford tonight

Eyes to the skies tonight as a meteor shower could be visible overhead

If Storm Brian doesn't bring with it miles and miles of cloud, and if we're blessed with clear skies for a while, then it's possible we'll be in for a spectacular star show tonight.

Longford stargazers will be excited to learn that dozens of shooting stars will streak across the sky tonight as the Earth passes through the debris of Halley's Comet.

The Orionid meteor shower appears over Earth every year, with around 20 shooting stars visible every hour and, tonight and throughout the rest of the weekend, these meteoroids will strike the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of 148,000mph.

The Orionid meteor shower is active throughout October, but the best time to see it will be this weekend, with October 22 the most opportune night. But tonight it will also be visible from about 1.30am.

If you'd like to see the meteor shower - provided we're blessed with clear skies - make sure you're far away from any light pollution and allow your eyes to adjust to the dark for about 20 minutes.

For the best chance of spotting a meteor, turn your eyes towards the Orion constellation as the meteors will radiate from a point near the raised club before midnight, and near Orion's sword after midnight, but shooting stars should be visible in all parts of the sky.

And, if you're out with your camera this weekend, feel free to send in your photos of shooting start - if you're quick enough to catch them that is!