Longford District Court: 27 bales of briquettes stolen from Homeland store

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A woman who appeared before Longford District Court last week charged under the Road Traffic Act was disqualified from driving for four years and fined €305 following a hearing into the matter.

Elisha Nugent, 7 Cúirt an Óir, Longford appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes charged with driving without insurance at Cartrongera, Longford on October 25, 2016.
She was also further charged with driving without a driving licence on the same date.
Outlining the evidence to the court, Garda Colin Satchwell said that the case centered around a theft, a matter, the Garda added that had already been dealt with by the courts.
“As part of an investigation into the theft I received information that 27 bales of briquettes had been stolen from Homeland in Longford town,” he continued.
“I spoke to the owner who said he saw a black Citroen car drive into the yard twice that day and on both occasions bales of briquettes were stolen.”
Garda Satchwell went on to tell the court that he was aware at the time that a car matching the shop owner’s description was being driven by the defendant.
“I went to Ms Nugent’s address and when I entered the property I saw the 27 bales of briquettes in the hallway,” continued the Garda.
“It was the exact number that had been stolen.
“I spoke to her and invited her to make a statement.
“During the course of the interview, I asked a number of questions in relation to the theft at Homeland and she admitted to driving the car on that date.”
The court also heard that when the Garda went to the defendant’s address the black Citroen was parked outside the house.
“Ms Nugent admitted during interview to taking the bales of briquettes on two occasions that day,” continued Garda Satchwell.
“I called twice to see her certificate of insurance and diving licence.”
The court was then told that the defendant’s sister was the registered owner of the vehicle in question.
Addressing Judge Hughes, Ms Nugent said she had already admitted to stealing the briquettes but denied that she had been driving the car that day.
“I had a severe heroin problem at that time that happened and when the Gardaí came to my house I was intoxicated,” she added.

“In order to get Garda Satchwell out of the house I said I had no insurance to drive and I had driven the car at the time.
“I wanted the Garda out of the house before my mother came back.
“I wasn’t the one that was driving that day, I only said that to get rid of Garda Satchwell.”
In mitigation, the defendant’s solicitor John Quinn said his client was endeavouring to get on with her life and make right her wrongs.
During his deliberations on the matter, Judge Hughes said he was satisfied that Garda Satchwell had told the truth to the court.
“I have no doubt whatsoever that Ms Nugent was driving the vehicle,” he added.
The Judge subsequently convicted the defendant and fined her €200 for driving without insurance and €105 for not having a driving licence.
The defendant was also disqualified from driving for four years.

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