Meeting to discuss the future of Ballymahon Dental Service to be held in St. Matthews NS

HSE and School Board to meet today

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



The future of Ballymahon's Dental Service is to be negotiated today

The HSE and the board of St. Matthews NS in Ballymahon will meet at the school this evening to discuss the future of the town's Dental Service, which the HSE has decided to discontinue.

In a letter to the HSE, Co Chairperson of the St Matthew's National School Parents' Association Susan Lee Nolan stated that the parents are "disappointed and dismayed" at the "total lack of respect" shown to the community by the HSE.

The closure of the Dental Service in the town will affect many Ballymahon families who will now have to travel to Longford to get their children to dental appointments.

"Although the decision may seem reasonable in relation to the HSE’s internal workings, when the overall effect on the community as a whole is taken into account we feel that it is reasonable to request that this decision be re-evaluated," Ms Lee Nolan wrote.

"We would hope that the HSE would make themselves available for discussions with the public to factor in the external cause and effect of this decision and whether or not they should proceed with this plan at all."

The HSE and the School Board will meet this evening at 5.30pm in St. Matthew's NS to discuss the closure.