High definition CCTV system could drastically decrease crime in Granard Municipal District, council hears

Granard MD councillors considering new security system for the area

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson




New system would aid Gardaí in both detection and prevention of crime

Councillors attending yesterday's Granard Municipal District meeting are considering the benefits of installing a high-definition CCTV system, which would aid Gardaí in crime detection and crime prevention in the area.

Peter Moran of Moran CCTV in Dundalk, and Granard-based company Airsynergy each gave presentations that left councillors in deep discussion about the effectiveness of the new security system.

Moran CCTV specialises in a high-definition megapixel system that can gather information from vehicle number plates and store it in a database to be accessed by the Gardaí when needed.

"You can search the database by partial or full plate," Mr Moran explained to the listening councillors.

"So if you type in 'D' for a Dublin plate, the database will throw up every vehicle with a 'D' registration that was picked up by the cameras."

Superintendent Brian Mohan, who along with Sergeant James Rowan, was in attendance yesterday evening said that this system would drastically decrease the amount of time Gardaí are spending "trawling through CCTV footage" after incidents such as the hit and run that took place in Edgeworthstown recently.

"We have to trawl through hours of CCTV footage after that incident," he explained.

"If we had this system, more guards could be out and about instead of going through hours of footage. We could type in the partial plate, such as '07-SO' and find all the '07-SO' vehicles that went through."

His colleague, Sgt. James Rowan also saw the benefit of such a system: "We could use it in two ways - crime prevention and crime detection," he said.

Also presented at yesterday's meeting was the possibility of using a 'smart pole' by Airsynergy. The Granard-based company created a pole which can be controlled remotely and provide lighting or security to an area.

In this instance, James Smyth and Adrian Kelly were on hand to explain the benefits of linking the smart pole with Peter Moran's CCTV system by placing the CCTV cameras on top of the pole.

The pole itself is solar and wind-powered and in the rare cases that there is no sun or wind to power it, there is a batter inside that provides ten days worth of power.

"The poles are designed to withstand hurricane conditions. They'll withstand 170km per hour winds. Your house will go down before this will," said Mr Smyth.

Supy. Brian Mohan was also quick to point out the benefits of the smart pole, telling Mr Smyth and Mr Kelly: "You've an opportunity to become a flagship for renewable energy with this."

Councillors who were in attendance were very impressed with the presentation, saying that this would be an asset to the area.

"We're all positive about this. It's the right thing to do and I think we should do it," said Cllr Micheál Carrigy to nods of agreement from his fellow councillors.

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