Longford County Council to increase Local Property Tax by 5% for 2018

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



Longford County Council Local Property Tax

Longford County Council is to increase Local Property Tax by 5% for 2018.

Members of Longford County Council voted today to increase the Local Property Tax (LPT) rate in the county by 5% for 2018.

Twelve months ago, councillors decided to reduce the LPT by 3% and they made this move despite being warned that it would result in a reduction of €63,000 in revenue for the Council. 

Flashback to 2016 Longford County Council meeting: Stormy exchanges over moves to cut property tax in Longford

The 3% LPT reduction meant homeowners were saving approximately 5 cents per week or €4.20 over twelve months. 

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