Vodafone thanks Longford customers for their patience

The mobile phone network is working to restore full coverage

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Vodafone has thanked Longford customers for their patience following a loss of coverage in various parts of the county after recent bad weather conditions.

Storm Doris, which hit the country two weeks ago, caused damage to the mast servicing the area, leaving many people in north and south Longford without coverage or internet connection.

In this week's Longford Leader, readers expressed frustration at the lack of service and lack of information from Vodafone as to when the problem would be fixed.

Vodafone, today, released the following statement to the Longford Leader:

"As you are aware, Storm Doris caused damage, which resulted in network issues in the Edgeworthstown Park Hotel area. Full coverage in this area was resumed on Tuesday.

"The network issues in Ballymahon were caused by the Church of Ireland roof being badly damaged, which resulted in us turning off some sites in the interest of Health and Safety.

"We expect 3G coverage to be returned by the end of today with full 4G coverage by close of business on Monday. This is based on the assumption that current weather conditions prevail. We thank our customers for their patience while we resolve these issues caused by the storm."