IDA chiefs slammed for coming to Longford and saying: 'How'ya' and then going away again'

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove


A jobs fair for affected workers at Cameron is to be held next week.

170 jobs are due to go at Cameron

IDA bosses have come under fire once more over their handling of the Cameron jobs fallout as the first batch of 170 redundant workers prepare to leave their jobs.



The criticism was meted out as councillors returned from their Christmas holiday break to learn that a jobs fair for affected workers had been arranged for next week.

It's understood the initiative is one which is being led by the Longford based manufacturer themselves in its attempts to find suitable alternative employment for those being let go.

That didn't stop a number of local politicians however, taking aim at the role IDA chiefs had played since news of last October's jobs loss announcement was made known.

Cllr Mark Casey raised the issue after details emerged earlier this week concerning US drug company Aerie Pharmaceuticals decision to sign a lease agreement with the IDA for a new factory in Athlone.

"Other counties are getting (IDA) visits," he snapped.

"We (Longford) have a skilled workforce here and we need to be getting our equal share."

Fine Gael's Micheal Carrigy attempted to counter Cllr Casey's remarks, accusing the Independent representative of telling "false truths" to his fellow members.

"There have been six IDA visits to Longford and we would very much hope that jobs will materialise from it (jobs fair)," he said.

However, Cllr Casey responded for a second time, claiming the site sponsored visits Cllr Carrigy alluded to had been done without the knowledge of local representatives.

"I want to see action on the ground because this craic of them (IDA) coming down and saying 'How'ya' and then going away again is not good enough," he yelled.

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