Sculpture in honour of Longford IBAL win unveiled

Sculpture in honour of Longford IBAL win unveiled

Last Wednesday was a proud day for Longford, as a sculpture was unveiled in honour of the town's achievement in the Anti-Litter League last year.

Business group Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) unveiled the sculpture in the Commemorative Park, Great Water Street in recognition of Longford's win in last year's league.

The public work, designed and created by Kerry sculptor Pat O'Loughlin in conjunction with Longford County Council and the local community, is the first mark of its kind to be bestowed on a league winner. 

“It is a measure of the evolution of the IBAL Anti-Litter League that we are unveiling this sculpture,” said Conor Horgan, IBAL. “When we started surveying towns back in 2002, it was very much a “name and shame” exercise, as 90% of our towns were littered. Now the programme celebrates the fact that 90% of our towns are clean.

“This transformation is mirrored by Longford itself. Fourteen years ago it was deemed “heavily littered” at the bottom of the rankings. Now it has progressed to the very top of our league.”

Adding that similar transformations have taken place across the country, Conor concluded; “Sincere congratulations are due in equal measure to Longford County Council and volunteers from the local community. 

“We hope that this success is reflected in increased tourism and commerce for the town, and that this sculpture helps sustain a sense of local pride in the town’s achievement.”