'Putting the Food on the Table' at Shannonside

'Putting the Food on the Table' at Shannonside

Each Saturday of August, after the One O’clock news, Shannonside & Northern Sound will feature a programme from the new series by Noel Murphy called ‘Putting the Food on the Table’. 

Each programme is 45 minutes long and there are four  programmes in all with a particular theme in each; including taking a particular look at Beef, Ham, Lamb and Dairy production.

 The programmes are upbeat and outdoorsy with nice narrations and great musical accompaniment and they will each be podcast after being broadcast on Shannonside & Northern Sound websites.

This series tells the story of how farming is ‘Putting the Food on the Table’ when Noel goes out and about to farms, producers, shops and spends time at agricultural college and in Neven Maguire’s Kitchen.

As presenter of a weekly Farming/Rural Affairs programme on Shannonside/Northern Sound, Noel became increasingly aware of the wide range of factors at play in the production of food and how the influence of science and education impact upon it. 

There is a massive upsurge in interest in food; growing-your-own; baking and food preparation in the home; where our food comes from and how it is processed. Yet this is at odds with our understandings of the journey that our food takes. 

These programmes will help tell us the systems that are necessary to put the food on the table.

The series is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee and in association with Teagasc and Ballyhaise Agricultural College in Cavan. 

Also contributing is Chef Neven Maguire, perhaps Irelands best known and admired Chef who takes Noel into his kitchen to show how he puts the food on the table.

‘Putting the Food on the Table’

Prog 1; Sat, Aug 6; 1.10pm - Putting Beef on the Table.

Prog 2; Sat, Aug 13; 1.10pm - Putting Ham on the Table.

Prog 3; Sat, Aug 20; 1.10pm - Putting Lamb on the Table.

Prog 4; Sat, Aug 27; 1.10pm - Putting Dairy on the Table.