Where to go if you need support after the death of a loved one

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Where to go if you need support after the death of a loved one

Where to go if you need support after the death of a loved one

Following the burial of a loved one, the days after the funeral are a lonely time as friends and sympathisers return to their regular lives.

It's a difficult adjustment period and one which most struggle with. The comforting thing to note is it's not something you or your family need to go through alone as there are bereavement services in your area to avail of.


Bereavement support groups are at hand to guide you through this stressful and solitary time in your life. While you may not feel like you can turn to friends or family, these confidential and caring services understand what you're going through and can offer a listening ear or a helping hand where you need it.

There are a variety of services depending on what circumstances you're going through. From loss of a child to a child losing a parent, bereavement of a spouse, or unexpected death or suicide, different services will specialist in your needs.

Bereavement Ireland is a group of trained volunteers offering counselling and support for people dealing with grief. Contact 01 8391766 or www.bereavementireland.com for more.

www.bereaved.ie provides advice and information to those bereaved and support services available to them. It is an initiative of the Irish Hospice Foundation. Contact 01 6793188 or www.hospicefoundation.ie/bereavement 

www.widow.ie is a bereavement support service for men and women who are adjusting to life without their partner. It offers an online forum for people to discuss their feelings openly. Find them on www.widow.ie

Anam Cara provides information and resources to parents who have lost their children and also a comforting space for bereaved parents to connect with each other. Anam Cara’s Information Packs were written by bereaved parents and are posted out free of charge. Contact:01 4045378 or www.anamcara.ie to find your nearest support group.

Féileacáin (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland – SANDAI) is an invaluable service for parents who have suffered the loss or a baby during pregnancy or shortly after. They provide comforting assistance through counselling, support groups and memory boxes. Contact 028 22407 or www.feileacain.ie

First Light offer support and counselling to parents and children after the sudden loss of a child. Contact 1850 391 391 or www.firstlight.ie

Rainbows Ireland offers a nationwide counselling service to children suffering loss of a family member. There are Rainbows centres across the country. Contact 01 4734175 or www.rainbowsireland.com