Letter to the editor: Despite reports, the majority of greyhounds are really well cared for

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Dear Editor,
I was dismayed to read recently a letter published in your newspaper written by Nuala Donlon condemning our wonderful greyhound industry and siding with Shane Ross and Fáilte Ireland in their contempt of our traditional sport.

More surprisingly that it was published in a local paper whose track (Longford) provides much needed employment and a social outing for many elderly rural residents.

Nuala states that Shane Ross was right in pointing out that greyhound racing damages Ireland's reputation as a tourist destination. What about the thousands of tourists who attend our tracks throughout Ireland every year?

It is a unique sport and indeed many Europeans really enjoy a night at the track and surely this must be a great selling point for Fáilte Ireland! Think also of the money this brings to our economy. Not to forget the 12,000 people employed directly and indirectly in the greyhound industry!

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I have to question Nuala's figures when she says the majority of Irish people oppose greyhound racing. What about all the trainers, owners, staff employed at tracks, benefactors from numerous charity events held at tracks and of course our esteemed leader Leo Varadkar who only recently stated in the fail that he attends Shelbourne Park.

The documentary aired by RTÉ contained some incorrect details but it needed these in order to have the 'sensational effect' needed to draw in the viewers. The boring truth is that the majority of greyhounds in Ireland are really well cared for.

They are exercised daily, groomed meticulously, fed a nutritious diet and kept warm and comfortable in their kennels. They are respected and loved by their owners and trainers alike.

If only the same could be said for every animal in Ireland.

Catherine Kerr,
Greyhound trainer