Letter to the Editor: Cessation of the promotion of the greyhound industry is welcome news

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Longford Leader Reporter



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Greyhounds action.

Dear Editor,

The news that Failte Ireland and Tourism Ireland have stopped promoting greyhound racing and hare coursing as a tourist attraction is to be welcomed by all who find cruelty to animals unacceptable.

Minister Shane Ross is absolutely right in pointing out that both practices damage Ireland’s reputation as a tourist destination.
It is scarcely credible that in 2019 we would still be urging people to attend events where animals are routinely injured and killed for the entertainment of others.

These activities may be legal, but they are not acceptable to the majority of Irish people – and this fact is borne out by every opinion poll ever carried out on the subject of blood sports in this country.

The RTE Prime Time Investigates programme lifted the lid on the horrific abuse of animals which is endemic to the practice of greyhound racing and its first cousin hare coursing.

The genie won’t be forced back into the bottle. Time now for both of these activities to be consigned to the dustbin of history where they belong.

Nuala Donlon

Spokesperson Greyhound Action Ireland.

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