Longford Leader columnist Mattie Fox: Creation of cycle lanes would be a positive move

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



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Saturday mornings bring many cyclists past our house and I always admire their choice of leisure activity, that serves as both healthy and enjoyable.

It makes me think, that in this age of encouraging lower carbon footprints, we might be able to encourage more to take up cycling. By acting on this, cyclists would be much more secure. Our road system is hardly the safest of places to cycle but with a little ingenuity & goodwill it is possible to improve that situation.

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I notice when Longford County Council is resurfacing roads they have recently included gateways and entrances to fields in their work - making them better and more accessible for vehicles. This could be further extended to accommodate cycle lanes, at little extra expense. Along most country roads there is a grass verge, sometimes as wide, or wider, than a metre in width.

Could these areas be cleared and tarred also, inside a yellow line which would give space and safety for cyclists? This would be sporadic at first, but could be developed around our county as roads are being done.

Longford County Council could be national leaders here!!