Times Past in Longford: Ex-councillor Pat Stenson criticised

Story of the week from September 14th, 1979

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Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane in Longford

Chamber of Commerce president Pat Stenson was criticised for suggesting the people would be mugged if they moved into newly erected houses in the Blue Yard, at last night's Urban Council meeting.

Mr Stenson attended the meeting in August to speak against having old people's homes built there. He said they would be in danger of being attacked as there were so many pubs in the immediate area.

Tony Carberry proposed that he attend the next meeting to apologise to the people of Longford for his statement. “We have no record of mugging in this town and I think it is disgraceful that a man in his position should say that mugging would take place here”, he said.

“We have some lads around town who are highly strung, but they wouldn't get into mugging”.

“But of course Mr Stenson isn't from Longford so he should apologise to the people of Longford”, he continued.

“For I hate to see a big man make an idiot of himself”, Mr Carberry remarked. He added: “I didn't come here to grind an axe with Mr Stenson, I have respect for him but I'll lose it if he has no respect for this county”.

Chairman Robert Connolly said “It's a sight what some people will do to get publicity or a good write-up”.