As dust settles on the Budget, what is the point of Shane Ross? - Troy

Lana Fallon


Lana Fallon


Fianna Fail spokesperson on Transport, Tourism and Sport, Robert Troy TD has criticised the the failure of Minister Shane Ross to have any positive impact on this week's budget.

Deputy Troy commented, "As the dust settles on this week's budget, a serious question emerges - what exactly is the point of Shane Ross in this Cabinet? The budget document itself contained no clues, so I hoped that when he came to give his speech on the budget we might get an answer.

"Unfortunately, this was not to be. Instead, over the course of four angry minutes we were treated to attacks on a range of groups, including the hotel industry and its representatives for daring to stand up for their industry, and the Fianna Fail party despite the fact that the budget was only taking place because of our constructive approach to politics.

"Minister Ross has no explanation for his failure too make any positive impact pn our hugely over-subscribed public transport system, no explanation for his failure to drive any progress on the electrification of the train and bus system, and no vision for the future of any of the important strands within his department.

"Since he came into Cabinet, Minister Ross has busied himself with issues as diverse as judicial appointments and North Korea. His latest diversion was a hare brained 'granny grant' scheme.

"This sort of thing was fine when he was a back-bencher trying to get attention. However, he is now a member of Cabinet with responsibility for a range of issues that are key to our national economy and quality of life. There is a growing agency around the question of what he is doing to advance those issues."