Maxi Zoo help Longford dog owners get pet nutrition right

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter


Maxi Zoo help Longford dog owners get pet nutrition right

Pet owners who are interested in learning all they need to know about choosing the best nutrition for their dog are in for a treat at the Maxi Zoo pet store at the N4 Axis Centre throughout September.

“Dogs owners visiting our store in Longford have become increasingly aware of the importance and value of pet nutrition but not everyone knows where to start with the subject,” said Emma Fanning, Brand Ambassador at Maxi Zoo Ireland.

“Our pet experts are here to help and we are dedicating September to sharing our knowledge and helping local dogs owners to make the right choices when it comes to their pet’s nutritional needs,” she added.

Pets have different dietary needs through the various stages of their life and it is important for pet parents to take account of their pet’s breed, age, size, level of activity and seasonal intolerances when they are buying pet food.

“There is a lot more to it than simply buying a bag or can of pet food. Puppies and younger dogs require protein for muscle growth while older dogs need less fat because they are less active and unable to work off fat,” said Emma.

One of the biggest questions that visitors to the store are raising is whether dry or wet food is better for their pet. Maxi Zoo’s pet experts believe that the solution lies in the middle with mixed feeding, especially as wet and dry feeds are digested at different speeds.

Dry feed encourages pets to chew, strengthening their jaw muscles and helping to remove dental plaque. Wet feed contains additional moisture, ensuring that pets receive more water, which is important for older pets who don’t drink enough or for those who have kidney problems.

“Instead of giving dogs an exclusive diet of dry or wet feeds they can be given a mixture of both on a rotating basis. It is generally recommended that you don’t mix them in the same meal, even though the right portion of dry feed may look insubstantial in the bowl,” said Emma.

The store’s pet experts will also be on hand to help customer demystify dog food labels, to explain what they should be looking for when they read labels and to help them to understand the six basic nutrients required as part of a dog’s regular diet, namely water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

“Carbohydrates make up anywhere between 30 – 70% of dry dog food, providing dogs with a vital source of energy. They can include barley, oats, brown rice and potato. Those listed as “whole” provide important nutrients and beneficial fibers which can be of benefit to dogs with sensitive stomachs,” said Emma.

“It is important to know how much protein your dog needs. Puppies, younger dogs and very active dogs require protein for muscle growth. Pet parents should be looking to see if meat and fish are listed as a first ingredient. Quality is always more important than quantity,” she added.

Those visiting the store at the N4 Axis Centre can also avail of nutritional advice and information along with 15% off the entire Select Gold range of products  during two advisory days scheduled to take place at the store on Saturday  1st September and Sunday 2nd September.